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Many women feel alone, and most people don't understand this feeling of loneliness. A woman can be optimistic, happy, and suddenly become pessimistic and sad. Her life condition has no impact on this. You might think it's hormonal or that she's spoiled.

According to the Torah, a woman represents, on the one hand, a natural strong attachment to God, and on the other hand, the darkness of exile. When our mother Rivka was pregnant with twins, there were two contrary forces inside her, extremely different. All women have these forces and create a very hard conflict for her.

A woman brings the mystery of existence. In fact, this is the inner emotional life of a woman.

Why did Eve listen to the snake in the Garden of Eden and eat the forbidden fruit?

My question is: Where was Adam?

The Midrash explains that he was asleep after he satisfied his needs, and she was so alone, sad… and sadness is very dangerous. As she was alone, the snake arrived with his pack of lies and breached the wall of man, who is the woman.

So, Why did the woman forget God?

Just because of the feeling of loneliness.

A woman is so spiritual, and the Torah knows she needs her husband to fight against this evil. Unfortunately, the man doesn't understand what happens in his woman's soul and how important he is in her life. He can't imagine the power of his words, so he gives her money instead of words, but money doesn't have the power of the light of the truth.

If she receives deep understanding, full confidence, and compliments from her husband, even if he needs to lie for her, and not only millions of presents, she can fight darkness and bring light into the world. But if the man doesn't understand her, she expresses feelings of hopelessness, throws her crown away, and forgets she is the key to Gueula.

As Bassi LeGani - באתי לגני - God is coming in His garden on earth, and the woman can speak to Him. She is never alone.

Rise your eyes to heaven to change darkness into light. Put your crown on and remember you are not alone because God is with you. You're unstoppable.

The world is your oyster, so you can make המשכה (to pull) in the world and bring the side of Kedousha. Spread joy all over the world to bring Moshiah now

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May 10, 2023

J’adore !!! ❤️❤️

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Mar 16, 2023

You are an extraordinaire amazing woman. Glad to be of your closer friends ;)

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